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Classified Ranger has proven to increase Classified Advertising revenue, for our customers, within several weeks of use. Classified Ranger can operate independently, without the need to continually purchase data.

The application uses the same technology we use at Ranger Data Technologies to supply our customers with fresh marketing lists. You can run the program daily and generate lists of potential customers that are only hours old.


Classified Ranger is a very effective, automated way for companies of any size to grow their Classified Advertising department in a short period of time.


Classified Ranger works by first finding classified advertisers already advertising on the Internet or in traditional Media. The software will then assemble a database of newly collected data, allowing telemarketing or direct mail campaigns - or both. The result is thousands of your competitor's customers receiving either a telephone call or mail solicitation from your sales team within days of placing their ad with the competition.


  • Increased Classified Advertising revenue - Ranger customers that use Classified Ranger can operate independently, without the need to continually purchase fresh leads. Classified Ranger has proven to increase our customers revenue.

  • Simple to use - Classified Ranger can be set up to generate fresh leads in an automated manner. A manager is able to easily create a script which identifies the online lead source, category and number of new leads requested. Once the script is set, it can be used daily or weekly to provide any number of leads you need from the source and category that you are targeting.

  • Timely - Classified Ranger allows you to build a contact list of your competitors advertisers often within 24 hours of their ad placement and up sell them into your publication.

  • Targeted campaign - Classified Ranger allows you to target your campaign based on the category, competitive source, area code or zip code. Electronic mailings and telephone calls can be completed quickly based on the way you choose to sort the data.

  • Unparalleled Service – Ranger Data is known for its excellent customer service. We have a technical staff ready to train the individual(s) you select to collect data and assist them should they ever they need a little extra help.

  • Automatic Upgrades - Ranger automatically upgrades our clients to the latest version of the software. There is no need to spend additional money to utilize any new features that are developed for the program.

Classified Ranger is now also available as a service, rather than a licensed software package. Ranger Data Technologies staff can collect lead data for you on a weekly basis, per your instructions.









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