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Outbound Ranger allows your classified management team to import leads from various sources, renewal ads from your front end system to competitive leads from Classified Ranger, inactive customers and business lists.

Leads may be assigned to the classified staff according to virtually any criteria category: alpha sort, category, source, and Ad Rep, just to mention a few.


Outbound Ranger then sends leads or renewals to Ad Reps and requires reps to take action (call and report) before the next lead is distributed.


Outbound Ranger keeps real time stats: calls completed, sales closed, renewals sold, and a myriad of other statistics, and makes these stats available to the manager immediately. Outbound Ranger will also notify managers if call volume is below expectations or if the lead list has been exhausted by either Ad Reps or the department.


Outbound Ranger keeps historical stats, volume of calls, sales productivity, individual performance by category, individual calls made, sales by category and more. The software helps to identify high and low performers for training purposes.


Outbound Ranger allows reps to see contact info as well as ad copy in competitive media (Classified Ranger required).


Ad Reps may sort renewal calls by value or expiration date and can see the number of renewals in the database, thereby allowing them to budget time accordingly.


Customers requesting a call-back will automatically be sent back to the Ad Rep at the appropriate time.


The system tracks customers requesting that they be added to the DoNotCall list, makes data available for a company DoNotCall database, and allows the importing of the national DoNotCall database.


Outbound Ranger allows managers to rollout incentives to reps or add spiffs in real time.


  • Simple To Use - Outbound Ranger is a very easy to learn program designed to help the Ad Reps in making ALL of their renewal and competitive phone calls in a timely manner. The simplicity of use allows for minimal training time and quick adoption for both sales reps and managers.

  • Improved Sales Results - Most Outbound Ranger customers report a doubling in renewal revenue within the first few months. Some customers have seen renewal revenue as high as 10 times previous results.

  • Real-Time Call and Revenue Results - Outbound Ranger displays real-time results on the both the managers and ad reps screen. A quick glance at the managers screen shows up-to-the-minute results and makes it simple to identify and address problems as they occur instead of hours, days or weeks later when formal reports are generated by management.

  • Accountability - Outbound Ranger makes everyone accountable for making their assigned phone calls. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Every lead must have an action taken in the form of a mouse click to indicate its resolution or lack of resolution. All the data is captured - from making the sale to scheduling a new time to call to dismissing the lead because the customer sold their item - tracked and available in the reports. The reports are designed for newspaper call centers and allows the manager to view both global information or results from a specific phone call made by a specific sales representative and everything else in between.

  • Saves Time - All your leads can be imported into Outbound Ranger and managed through the system. Renewal ads from the front end system to competitive leads from Classified Ranger, inactive customers and any lead list in a spreadsheet format are easily imported and assigned to the appropriate sales rep. Managers set priorities with a click of a button so that the most important leads are handled first. Sales reps aren’t wasting time searching online for leads or scattering their energy going through stacks of paper.

  • Unparalleled Service - Ranger Data is known for its excellent customer service. We conduct report reviews monthly with our client managers to help them identify any areas for concern and to share new ideas and best practices from other Ranger customers.

  • Automatic Upgrades - Ranger automatically upgrades our clients to the latest version of the software. There is no need to spend additional money to utilize any new features that are developed for the program.










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