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Dallas Morning News

”Before Outbound Ranger, we had no accurate and/or efficient way of managing and tracking renewal sales.Ranger has made that process easy and has given us tremendous insight into how effective our classified ads are for our clients as well as the revenue potential associated with renewals.”

”Outbound Ranger has helped us improve customer satisfaction and take fuller advantage of some low-hanging revenue streams!”

Keith Pullias - Director of Account Management - Dallas Morning News

Sierra Nevada Media Group

”The Ranger Data service has been the single most helpful product for not only sales retention but also customer service. It enables our sales team to operate to the best of our abilities while tracking our efforts, effortlessly.”

Sierra Nevada Media

Shaw Media

”I have never worked with a tool as efficient and effective as Outbound Ranger. The product helps focus our sales time on what matters most. The reporting not only measures our success, and identifies areas for development, it also provides a measurable ROI.”

Norm Fossmeyer - Classified Team Leader - Shaw Media

Odessa American

”Outbound Ranger is a great tool and the people at Ranger Data are wonderful to work with. I love that Outbound Ranger allows me to hold my reps accountable on their classified callbacks Ė in real time! Takes all the guesswork out of the process!”

Coye Kerley – Director of Advertising and Marketing - Odessa American

Houston Greensheet

“Outbound Ranger has been a vital tool in Greensheet Media Classifiedís CRM chest. Reliability is top notch, the interface is ideal, and the support received from Grace and Paul is second-to-none. Ranger Data makes our work lives less complicated and much easier.”

Ali Sharif - Classified Department Manager - Houston Greensheet

Swift Communications

"After having great success with Ranger Data at two of our locations, we've decided to install Ranger Data software at all our sites this year. It's a great management and sales rep tool for callbacks... and it's easy!"

Christine Schriock - Classified Initiative Leader - Swift Communications


“For the first time, with Classified Ranger, we’re reaching buyers when we know they need us….no more shotgun approach! You can strike while the iron is hot…reaching customers who really are hot prospects. We’ve been impressed with the increased revenue each month!”

Susie Ellwood - Vice President of Market Development – Gannett

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